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Aspects to Remember When Holding Space for Someone

With the relationship of human beings, it tends to be one of the essential things that every human beings should uphold. This is because with a good relationship, then there will be cohesion and integration amongst them. When it comes to a relationship basically, whether between the family friends or even members is built through a series of events. With this, it is not something that just happens a day. So that a good and strong relationship to be built, there must be something good done. When a loved one for instance is in a certain situation that may need assistance, then you can make yourself available to that person and offer hand of assistance. There is tendency of after such assistance is offered to help the person learn to appreciate whatever you’ve done to them hence increasing the relationship. This aspect of being there for each other and giving a hand of assistance is what in the modern days is called, holding space for someone.

When holing space for someone, one of the aspects that should be respected is the decision of the person being helped is always valid. There is tendency of this to be essential to offer a room for the person being assisted to express his or her own thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards the matter at hand. Listening keenly when you are holding space for other person is as well an aspect that you should observe and maintain. There is tendency of this to assure the persona that whatever he or she is saying is valid and all the decisions made are valid. You can hand in the advice or the best assistance for you to have a common interest and goal to the problem after giving the persona the required space to express himself or herself.

Another trick for holding space is by being aware that your actions as well as reactions are based on the internal emotions as well as the kind of judgment patterns that you may not be aware of at all. While listening to other individuals, the individual should ensure that they are not able to portray or rather show their emotions that would otherwise relay another message that would have a negative message to the individual who they are listening to. More to this, the individual should be able to avoid asking the questions that would make the conversation to break while the individual is still talking.

With holding space, it requires the individual to avoid becoming defensive or even avoid from portraying that they are interested in finding the solution to the problem. The work of the individual is not to come up with or rather to bring a solution to the problem of the individual.

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